Work with us

Skråmträsk Kvarn is an ecological cafe, with high goals in the area of environment, sustainability and quality, of which you can become a part. It is important that you enjoy being around people, are conscious about service and quality and find it easy to collaborate with others. 

We are now looking for staff for the summer season 2023.

✔ We offer scheduled working hours, contractual salary, good atmosphere and a wonderful group of colleagues.

✔ We are looking for someone who is interested in working in a cafe, serving, counter, cashier or simpler cooking/baking.
✔ We prefer that you are 18 years or older.

✔ We are also looking for someone who can take part of the responsibility for kitchen, cooking and baking as well as work management. We would like for you to have some experience from similar tasks, but also place great value on personal qualities and willingness/ability to plan, take responsibility and acquire new knowledge.

Ansökan senast 28 februari till
You can apply for a job for all or part of our summer season 2023 (June 24-August 13)

Questions are answered by Asta Hellgren +46 70 3929060 or e-mail