Sustainability policy

The goal for Skråmträsk Kvarn is to run a business that is truly sustainable. We want our sustainability policy to make a difference and not stop at nice words. Our focus is on sustainability for climate and environment as well as social sustainability.

Therefore we work according to the following principles:

• We buy and use organic raw materials as far as we can. We aim for as large a proportion as possible, but at least 90%, of the raw materials we use must be organic, preferably KRAV-labeled.
• We only buy coffee, tea and chocolate that is organic and Fair Trade certified.
• We serve almost exclusively vegetarian food for the sake of the climate. If we use meat or fish, it must always be produced in a sustainable way according to KRAV's regulations.
• We are happy to work with local suppliers who offer sustainably produced goods.
• We work actively to minimize our waste in cooking and baking.
• We use 100% renewable electricity, some of which is self-produced solar energy, and try to minimize our energy consumption as much as possible.
• We sort all waste and leave what is possible for recycling. All organic waste is sent to the municipality's biogas plant.
• We use plastic bags and other disposable plastic as little as possible. Disposable packaging is only used for take away and then paper packaging is always chosen instead of plastic.
• We comply with existing work environment laws and our employees have contractual salaries.
• We work purposefully to create a good atmosphere in the workplace and want our summer workers to get a good start in their working career.
• We care for the local culture through concerts, exhibitions and performances with local cultural practitioners and artists.
• We always try to maintain high quality and good service to give our guests an extra good experience so that they are happy to return to us.
• We are happy to help our guests find other places to visit and activities in the local area and want the café to contribute to the positive feeling for the area.
• Through our sustainability concept, we want to give our guests added value and inspire a sustainable lifestyle.

This sustainability policy permeates the entire business and the goal is to constantly improve. We do this by analyzing and setting new goals every year for how we can make even more difference.

To reduce food waste, yesterday's buns are sometimes served heated with jam and cream.